Colegio de Montesion, Palma. | M. À. Cañellas

Parents and students have collected 500 signatures on the website to prevent the closure of the Montesión school in Palma.

"We want to express, with the utmost respect for the Society of Jesus, the Ignatian ideology and his apostolic work, our disagreement with the closure of Montesion, which is the oldest Jesuit college in the world that’s still in operation. It has a 500 year history, two saints have lived there and it has been the sanctuary of San Alonso Rodríguez for four centuries," said lawyer and university professor, Felio Bauzá.

"The decision to close the centre has caused surprise due to its unexpected and radical nature," he added.

The owners of Montesión announced at the end of 2020, that the historic building in Palma’s old town, was closing down after four centuries and that all classes are moving to the new Son Moix centre, where the Primary and Secondary classes are already being taught.

"The building is being reformed and transformed into museum and a residence for the elderly," said Professor Bauzá. "Montesión is much more than a school, it is a centre for Christian spirituality and transmitting knowledge to other generations."