German tourism has been buoyant since Easter. | Jaume Morey

Tour operators are pointing to growth in British and German bookings for Mallorca in double digits over recent weeks, despite the competition from Turkey and Greece. The CEO of TUI, Fritz Joussen, says that the high demand for travel confirms the company's forecasts - that 2022 will be a good financial year. "Our operational capacity is almost up to pre-pandemic level."

Sales for Mallorca are said to be lower than those for Turkey. But this is due to the type of offers being made and which are taking advantage of the Turkish lira exchange rate. Airlines, meanwhile, indicate that flight bookings for Mallorca are growing from one week to the next. Son Sant Joan Airport has exceeded 2019 numbers over recent weekends. For this weekend, according to the Aena airports authority, Palma will have over 2,300 flights. Figures are not dissimilar to what might be expected in August.

The Mallorca Hoteliers Federation says that all hotels are open, with the exception of some where renovations are continuing. Average occupancy is 75%, as it was for mid-May in 2019, and this is set to rise at the end of the month because of school holidays in both the UK and Germany.

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Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, has returned from a two-day trip to Germany, where he met with representatives of the German government and the environmental group Futoris in order to explain aspects of the new tourism law. He welcomed the "good reception" that the law is having in Germany.