These are the ten most wanted fugitives in Spain Names of the fugitives, from left to right, in the top row: Derek McGraw Ferguson | National Police


The National Police has launched a campaign to locate ten fugitives wanted by different national and international courts for crimes related to murder, drug trafficking, counterfeiting or sexual abuse of minors and in some cases wanted because their whereabouts have been unknown for more than 15 years.

The collaboration of the public is going to prove very important, and a specific e-mail address has been set up,, so that citizens who believe they have any information can infirm the police in complete confidentially. In addition, any information on their whereabouts can be reported by calling the 091 number.

In 2021 alone, the Fugitive Unit participated in the arrest of 417 fugitives and since 2017 the number of arrests for different crimes, national and international, is 2,272.

Top of the the list of the 'ten most wanted' is from Scotalnd.
Derek McGraw Ferguson is wanted for manslaughter. He is the alleged killer of a barman who was shot in the chest in June 2007 in the car park of the pub where he worked in Glasgow.

Investigators believe the two people waiting for the barman in the car park were Derek McGraw Ferguson and another man whose body was found weeks later in an oil drum in the River Clyde.

The fugitive is 1.55 metres tall, has fair skin and marked alopecia, although he may have received a hair implant or wears a wig.

He is also missing part of his left ear, which may have been touched up by plastic surgery. He once had several tattoos on his left arm: a heart, an arrow and a dagger. He is dangerous and can be found armed. He is 58 years old.

Keep them peeled.