One of the four arrested at the airport. | Policia Nacional

Four members of the so-called Rolex gang were arrested by National Police at the airport earlier this week and were ordered to prison on Friday.

The four, one aged 58 and the others between 19 and 27, are from an Italian criminal organisation which specialises in robbery with violence with the intention of stealing high-end watches. It operates in destinations known for their wealthy residents and tourists. In Mallorca, therefore, the centre of Palma and Puerto Portals are among these destinations.

The method of operation is always the same. A motorcycle, rented using forged documents, is used by two members, one of whom commits the robbery. Stolen watches are then passed to two others in a car.

The investigation into the four began when officers verified that a motorcycle had been rented by an Italian with forged documentation. One incident occurred in Portals. An attempt was made to steal a watch from a female tourist. Her husband fought off the robber, who fled the scene on the motorcycle. The couple required medical attention for injuries.

These groups only stay for short periods of time. In the case of the four, police were waiting for them at the airport.