The Seaplane Splash-In is also due to return to Puerto Pollensa. | Curro Viera

The Spanish Hydroaviation Association is moving ahead with plans to revive the legendary Schneider Cup and hold the contest in Puerto Pollensa.

The association's president, Miquel Buades, went to Montenegro on June 1 to attend the international seaplane regatta and to promote the return of the Schneider Cup. Pollensa is currently the only municipality in Spain that has a hydrosurface for civilian use, but this is about to change - there is to be a second on the Mar Menor near Cartagena, Murcia.

Buades said on Friday that there will be a pilot test for the Schneider Cup on the Mar Menor at the end of this year. If all goes well, the return of the competition will be in Puerto Pollensa.

The idea of ​​​​reviving the competition was forged at the first European Hydroaviation Congress that was held in Puerto Pollensa last September.

Buades adds that another Seaplane Splash-In is scheduled for Puerto Pollensa in May 2023. This would feature some 25 seaplanes.

The Coupe d'Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider, also known as the Schneider Trophy, Schneider Prize or Schneider Cup was held twelve times between 1913 and 1931.