Wearing football shirts will not be permitted in some Playa de Palma establishments. | Miquel Àngel Borrás

Residents in Playa de Palma have been complaining bitterly about anti-social behaviour among tourists, especially young ones, and have pointed to the fact that the tourism of excesses decree, which applies to Arenal in Llucmajor and part of Playa de Palma, isn't working.

Businesses are saying exactly the same thing. It's typical for tourists to arrive around 10am and be legless by two in the afternoon. "They get so drunk that they are just left lying on the pavement."

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Palma Beach, the association in Playa de Palma for hotel and restaurant quality, says that control measures are urgently needed to deal with "the growing tide of tourists who are repeating the same behaviour as always and which is even worse than in previous years". "We have already given up on the season in terms of controlling anti-social behaviour."

The police, it is said, "are making an extra effort", and there will be a reinforcement of police controls as part of Operation Summer. In the meantime, around a dozen bars and restaurants have imposed a dress code, something that already applies in the case of many hotels. Although there will be some "leeway" during the day, customers will not be allowed on the premises in the evening and at night if they are wearing football shirts or no shirts at all.

Juan Miguel Ferrer and Pedro Marín, the CEO and manager of Palma Beach, say that April was very positive. The tourist profile was well removed from that of booze tourism. "However, since May 10 there have been large groups of tourists who are just looking to get drunk." Tourism of excesses regulations introduced in January 2020 "are not working". The availability of alcohol in all-inclusive hotels may have been controlled, "but the problem is out on the streets". They are proposing that fines for anti-social behaviour are paid on the spot.