Playa de Palma has replaced Magalluf as the "naughty" resort on Mallorca so far this holiday season. It is not a question of "Brits Behaving Badly" but "Germans behaving badly."

This week, businesses in Arenal said enough is enough and even introduced a dress code. Football shirts, necklaces and hats from street vendors are banned.

Residents have also had enough, saying that they can't sleep at night. This summer there have been plenty of incidents. A group of tourists set fire to a bar after throwing a molotov cocktail from their hotel balcony. Just last week, Bulletin online published a photo of a man holding on to the windscreen of a moving taxi.

The Mayor of Palma, Jose Hila, has said that he wanted respect from visiting tourists, but according to residents, they are not getting it.

Extra police have been drafted to the resort. Arenal, like Magalluf, also has a freeze on all-inclusive booze. Times are changing in Mallorca and bad behaviour will not be tolerated.