Some of the motorhome users with the mayor of Escorca (on the right). | Juanjo Roig


For this weekend, around seventy people were given permission by Escorca town hall to use the old football field in Lluc. Members of the recently created Oasis Caravanning Association, they came with camper vans, caravans and motorhomes. The town hall charged them five euros a night.

On Saturday, representatives of the association met the mayor, Antoni Solivellas. Javier Fuster, the president, explained that there are no authorised areas for them to camp and spend the night. The Balearic government is "now preventing us from parking by putting up signs with a maximum height limit of 2.10 metres".

While this was an opportunity for them to have an authorised area for a weekend, it was also a protest. They argue that motorhomes and similar are "a sustainable tourism option and that we provide benefits wherever we go". "In fact, we are keeping all purchase receipts we have made in Lluc to show that we are a source of income."

The mayor told them that there is a plan to set up a camping area for these types of vehicle near to the Lluc Sanctuary car park. Other places in Escorca are also under consideration. To this end, there is to be a meeting with representatives of the Council of Mallorca, as it will be necessary to modify the special plan for Lluc.

The aim is to have an area with the necessary facilities and with an online booking system. Solivellas said that maximum stays of five days are being studied.