Concert for Spanish students at the bullring last summer.


Some thirty Spanish students required medical attention on Monday night as a result of crushing as they were leaving a concert at the bullring in Palma.

Just after midnight, the National Police were notified of a serious problem at the bullring exit. Officers found numerous young people on the ground and injured and others trying to get out of the arena. Ambulances and police reinforcements were called for.

The police established that just one of the three gates was open, and this only partially. There were some 4,000 people in the bullring, and they were attempting to leave through this gate.

Officers managed to get into the bullring and open other gates. Meanwhile, medics were treating students for bruising, the effects of crushing and anxiety attacks.

Those responsible for security said that they had been seeking to have a controlled exit. Officers brought in colleagues from the National Police's private security unit and from Palma police's green patrol. Sources close to the case suggest that the organisers face a "very serious" sanction and that the National Police will refer the incident to the courts.