The National Police has mounted a major investigation. | A Sepulveda


The National Police are investigating the shooting that took place on Wednesday in the Palma neighbourhood of Son Oliva, in broad daylight, against a flat being used as a squat by a gypsy family.

The perpetrators, who belong to a rival gypsy clan, were driving around in a car and fired shots as they passed by the property.
No one was injured.

The events occurred in the afternoon and terrified neighbours who alerted the emergency services.
The National Police mounted a large operation in the area and searched for the bullet casings.

Some neighbours said that the estate where the events took place “used to be very peaceful, but since they occupied one of the flats there have been problems and conflicts”.

This is not the first time there has been a shoot-out between gypsy clans in Palma. A few months ago the National Police mounted a large-scale operation, which lasted for weeks, after a young gypsy was shot by his enemies.

For the moment, one individual has been arrested, although the investigators have identified more people involved, so further arrests are not being ruled out.