The Palma police station to where the drugs were taken. | A Sepulveda


A young swimmer recovered a package floating in the sea off the Playa de Palma containing 10 kilos of hashish with a street value of around 10,000 euros on Sunday.

Unsure of what was in the package he took it to the nearby police station.The National Police officers opened it and found that it was hashish.

They then placed it on a scale and it weighed more than 10 kilos, according to police sources.
The police are now trying to find out where the drugs came from and who they were intended for.

One of the main hypotheses that the investigators are considering is that the package was part of a larger load unloaded at sea which got lost.

It is unlikely that anyone will claim it.
The price of the narcotic substance on the black market could reach more than 10,000 euros.