USS Harry S. Truman anchored in Palma Bay.


Tourism industry and military sources estimate that the five-day stay in Palma by the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier will have an economic benefit of at least ten million euros.

The calculation is that the 6,000 crew will have a daily spend of between 200 and 400 euros. This spending power will be greater than with previous US Navy stopovers because of the appreciation of the dollar against the euro - around 25% more.

The consignee Lantimar is in charge of logistics and arrangements. These include the contracting of thirty coaches for excursions to the likes of Soller and Valldemossa and bike hire.

Because hotels in Palma are so heavily booked, four and five-star hotels elsewhere on the island will benefit - Palmanova-Magalluf is one of the areas.

Taxis, restaurants, shops; these will all experience good business. The retail sector reckons that luxury fashion stores in Palma's centre will exceed sales records over the coming days. Officers in particular will be buying high-end gifts for their return to the US.