Andreu Serra, councillor for tourism at the Council of Mallorca. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Andreu Serra is councillor for tourism at the Council of Mallorca, to which many responsibilities for the island's tourism were transferred from the Balearic government earlier this year. The Council therefore plays a key role in setting tourism strategy and in overseeing the likes of tourism promotion and the inspection of hotels and holiday rentals.

Regarding the current season, he says that it has been one of tourism and economic reactivation. "Mallorca is one of the 15 favourite destinations in the world. We have increased value, but we must plan for the other seasons in terms of value and quality."

He believes that the pandemic has changed the perception of tourism among residents to a positive one. In this respect, "conscientious work is being done to banish the tourism of excesses that we do not want". "This season it is being minimized. We are having a season without incidents. The positive image of the destination is more than clear."

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Tackling seasonality has been an issue for Mallorca for decades. It is a priority, and Serra says that expectations for the coming low season are good. "And next year, the season will start earlier and it will be very different. We will continue to boost latent activity throughout the winter, especially sports tourism, with Palma as the tourism epicentre and through gastronomy and cultural tourism. The low season will be longer in 2023."

On the United Airlines service from New York, he stresses that it has been "a resounding success that fits perfectly with Mallorca's strategy of searching for quality markets". Objectives are that there are flights all year and that the Canadian market is captured, as it has "growth potential for the island".

With inspection, Serra explains that this is focused on eradicating illegal offer. "We have drawn up an annual inspection plan to specify the actions. Priorities now are the tourism of excesses decree and the illegal tourist rental of apartments. We have to act decisively."