The Guardia Civil and the National Police carried out a joint operation on July 15. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


A National Police deputy inspector was arrested for having passed on information regarding the major drugs operation in Palma's Son Banya shanty town on July 15.

He allegedly tipped off one of the leaders of the organisation under investigation for cocaine trafficking. As a result of the tip-off, drugs and money were sold or hidden.

The arrest was before the operation took place - July 4; he was questioned and later released. The drugs dealer, who himself was arrested, told police that he was made aware that he was under investigation when he met the deputy inspector on June 18.

It is claimed that, on June 13, the inspector used the police database to invent an operation 'Mountain' to find out if there was investigation into this individual, with whom he is said to have "a close relationship".

Officers now investigating the inspector maintain that 'Operation Mountain' would not have related to any real investigation. The tip-off, it is said, resulted in the disposal of almost 90% of the cocaine that the drugs dealer possessed in 48 hours.