The Guardia Civil and National Police staged a joint operation in Son Banya. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


On Thursday, a court in Palma established bail of 3,000 euros for the National Police deputy inspector accused of having tipped off a drugs dealer ahead of the major police operation in the Son Banya shanty town earlier this month. Judge Juan Manuel Sobrino set a 72-hour deadline for him to pay the bail. If not, he will enter prison.

The deputy inspector, who is a member of the drugs squad, has denied having made the tip-off. The judge has meanwhile agreed that his phone should be checked for incoming and outgoing calls between May 1 and June 27 this year. This is in order to try and find out who may have participated in alleged bribery, disclosure of secrets and an offence against public health. The drugs dealer, who it is said received the tip-off, gave a statement to officers at the National Police headquarters after being arrested on June 20.

According to sources, this statement read that he knew they (the National Police) were coming for him. His "friend", the deputy inspector, told him that he was being investigated and "that I should stop selling, as in a week or two they were going to bust me".

He got his son to dispose of drugs that he had in his home. "I did the same. I got rid of the cocaine I had, about 650 grams, selling it all and hiding the money."