Rubbish in the morning. | Margarita Serra


Margarita Serra, a Playa de Palma resident, says that the amount of rubbish on the promenade each morning is "a disaster"; it is principally bottles and fast-food containers. "When we go for a walk at eight in the morning, it extends from Balneario 1 to Balneario 9."

She adds that this isn't the town hall's fault. There is a large deployment of workers from the Emaya municipal services agency. "Firstly, they come with fans to pile the rubbish up. Then the vacuum machines come. Other workers pick up what may be missed. And finally, there is the hosing. It's like this every day. How much does all this cost the people of Palma?"

She has been living on the second line in Playa de Palma for years and considers herself lucky because there aren't hotels near her. "But there are residents who say they can't sleep because there are people on the street until seven in the morning, shouting and relieving themselves."