The incident occurred last Saturday morning. | Michel's


Calvia police report having arrested a doorman at a club on C. Punta Ballena, Magalluf last Saturday after a customer was injured when subjected to a chokehold.

The incident occurred around 3am on Saturday morning. A 24-year-old tourist from Catalonia was in the club with a group of friends. At one point, he started to talk to a woman who works in the club. They began to dance, which was when the doorman, understood to be British, approached him, demanding to know if she was his "friend". He didn't reply and went to the terrace, where his friends were.

It would appear that moments later the doorman went for him and put him in a chokehold. He fell to the floor and hit his forehead. A wound required two stitches.

On Sunday, the doorman appeared in court and was released. The Guardia Civil are now in charge of the investigation.