The price of a menú del día is going up. | Patricia Lozano

The president of the CAEB restaurants association, Alfonso Robledo, says that restaurants have no option but to raise prices. "Everything is getting more expensive and it won't stop." The average increase, he notes, is around 10 per cent and is affecting the whole menu, including the menú del día.

He stresses that restaurants have tried everything to avoid increasing prices, conscious of the fact that customers are faced with the same consequences of inflation as they are. These have included taking chicken off the menu, limiting fried dishes because of the cost of electricity and oil, and having less stock, thus allowing them to use less cold storage.

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But these efforts have not been enough, and so price increases are now being introduced.

It was recently reported that Palma has the third most expensive menú del día in Spain - an average price of 13.6 euros compared with 13.9 euros in Madrid and 14 in Barcelona.