Palma's popular Can Pere Antoni beach. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A 42-year-old man of Moroccan origin has been arrested by the National Police after he assaulted a couple, hitting them with a glass bottle, on the beach of Can Pere Antoni, in Palma.

The events took place last Friday evening, when the couple were on the beach of Can Pere Antoni in Palma, and a man walked past them and stared at them, without saying a word, on up to four occasions, the police reported in a statement this afternoon.

On seeing the man in a swimming costume and sweating, they thought he was doing some form of sport and did not give it any more importance.

Suddenly the man approached them, took out a bottle and assaulted them both.
First he hit the man on the head, leaving him in shock and with a bleeding wound - which later required stitches - and then he hit the woman.

The assailant ran away, being chased by other people who were on the beach.
By chance, a plainclothes National Police patrol was in the area.

When they saw a man running barefoot and wearing a swimming costume, with two glass bottles in his hands and another two inside his swimming costume, they caught up with him, identified him and asked what had happened.
The officers arrested him on suspicion of assault and battery.