Emergency services and police at the scene of the accident. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A Briton celebrating his stag party on the Oratori beach in Portals Nous has been seriously injured after hitting his head on the rocks in front of the Roxy Beach beach bar.

The victim, an Englishman aged about 45, was wearing a Ferrari racing suit when he suffered the accident at around 15.20 on Sunday.

The 112 emergency service received a call that a man was seriously injured after plunging head first into the sea in front of Roxy Beach, an area where the water is barely one metre deep. Numerous witnesses observed the incident and called 112.

The tourist had four bleeding wounds on his head and was suffering from severe neck pain.
The first to come to his aid were the lifeguards at the beach together with members of the Civil Protection.

Local police and Guardia Civil patrols were also on the scene. The members of the Civil Protection immediately transferred him in a boat to Port Portals where an ambulance was waiting to attend to the injured man.

The man, according to sources from the emergency teams, was conscious at all times.
The ambulance rushed the victim to a clinic in Palma, where he was given emergency treatment.