Suspect wanted for raping British tourist has been arrested in Madrid. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The National Police have arrested a suspect wanted for the alleged of the rape of a British tourist in Palma in Madrid

As reported in a press release, the investigation began following a complaint filed by the victim with the London Metropolitan Police, which reached UFAM Central through Interpol.

In her complaint, made to the British police, the victim provided an approximate location of the place where the events took place, as well as the characteristics of the house and various descriptive data of the interior of the property, recalling that the individual told her that the house belonged to her parents.

According to what they have indicated, the victim told the agents how they met, the name that the individual gave her and that the alleged intentions that the young man told her were that he wanted to establish a friendly relationship.

She also stated that after accompanying the man to his home, she was sexually and physically assaulted on several occasions.

After being assaulted, she fled and told a friend back in the UK, where she filed a complaint.
According to the police, based on all the information they obtained, the agents carried out the first steps to locate the alleged perpetrator of the acts, the key being the location of the place of the aggression with the details provided by the victim.
With all this, the investigation led to the whereabouts of the property.
The police suspected that it was a rented flat.

After viewing the photos of the advertisement of a flat for rent, the officers were able to determine that it fully coincided with the detailed description provided by the victim in the complaint.
After contacting the number in the advert by telephone, the call was answered by an individual who identified himself with the same name as the victim and introduced himself as the son of the owners of the property.

With all the evidence gathered, they proceeded to fully identify the alleged perpetrator, whom the victim recognised despite the fact that his physical appearance had changed considerably.

To complete the investigation, the agents asked the British authorities to take a statement from the witness to whom the victim reported the facts shortly after they occurred and who ratified with her testimony what the victim had said.

After a year-long investigation, with constant collaboration and cooperation with the British police, an operation was set up to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrator in Madrid, where he alternated his residence with Palma, for an alleged crime of rape.