The cave, when work was being carried out.

In 2001, the Costas Authority in the Balearics ordered the demolition of the terrace, solarium and jetty at the cave that forms part of the property in Cala Vinyes owned by Mike Ashley. The reason for the order was that this was all work in the public domain.

The order was obviously never carried out. Since then, there has been renovation work, apparently at the request of Linda Ashley, who was the owner at the time when the couple had separated.

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The Costas officially announced the demolition order on June 19, 2001, when the Ashleys were not the owners. This announcement explained that, after a 1984 public domain occupation concession had expired, the owner was given a month to remove the structures. However, not only are they still there, but the Costas have been processing a new occupation application made in 2019.

As to why the order was not carried out and a new concession is being considered, the Costas in the Balearics say that the answers lie with the national ministry for ecological transition, which has yet to comment.

On Friday, the environmentalists GOB registered a demand with the Costas to stop the concession process and to carry out the demolition order.