National Police at an incident in Palma (Archive). | Archive

On Friday night, the National Police arrested two people in Palma following a road rage incident on C. Bernat Amer.

Around 9.30pm, a man was driving his Ford Focus erratically and braking heavily. Behind him was a Volkswagen Polo with a woman, who is pregnant with twins, her partner and their daughter. They hit the car horn, and this enraged the driver.

He stopped the car and got out, brandishing a baseball bat. "I'm going to rip your head off. I'm going to kill you." He started to hit the woman's partner with the bat, but the woman snatched it from him and hit him over the head. He was nevertheless able to punch the woman in the face.

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There were a number of witnesses. After speaking to them, National Police officers arrested the driver of the Ford Focus and the woman. He was taken to hospital and needed stitches from where the woman had hit him with the baseball bat.