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Four generations have owned and run El Bungalow in Palma, Mallorca

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Palma beachside restaurant faces demolition after 40 years

The Costas Authority has ordered the demolition of El Bungalow in Ciudad Jardín.

Andrew Ede17/09/2022 16:27

The paella was delish and worth a 10

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No menú paella was ever as good as this

The rice was tongue-burning hot, it was beautifully al dente and it was scrummily juicy and bursting with taste.

Andrew Valente03/06/2022 12:20


Lunch at Sir Richard's favourite Mallorca restaurant

If it is a billionaire`s favourite restaurant you would have thought that the prices would be in this bracket....not all. It worked out at 35 euros a head for a truly excellent meal.

Jason Moore11/05/2022 11:22