Local police will be monitoring compliance with a hosepipe ban. | Assumpta Bassa

Arta town hall has been forced into adopting a drastic measure because of a water shortage in the municipality. The supply will be cut off from 11.30pm until 8am until further notice.

Despite recent rain, the mayor of Arta, Manolo Galán says that "the water is running out" and has appealed to people's responsibility to alleviate the effects of the drought. He explains that the town hall has had no other option than to adopt various measures because two of the six wells that supply Arta have failed and another one is contaminated. The rest of the wells are not enough to supply all the demand.

The town hall is recommending that residents fill up tanks or cisterns, if they have them, in order that there is water while the supply is cut off. By introducing the cuts to supply, the town hall says that resources will stabilise and there will be acceptable levels at all other times.

As well as the cuts, the use of the showers at municipal sports facilities will be restricted to official matches, while there is also a hosepipe ban.

The mayor adds that this has not been "an easy decision" and stresses that the town hall is looking for other sources of catchment to improve the water situation in the whole of the municipality.