The new Nomad Visa which Spain wants to introduce could result in a surge in the number of foreign families, including Britons, moving to Mallorca. The Spanish government wants to attract non EU workers to Spain who can work remotely and are even offering tax breaks and easier paperwork.

"Where would you prefer to work in Bunyola or Bromley," one informed source told the Bulletin this week with diplomatic sourcessaying that it could be a real game changer.

For British families the prospect of living in Spain is a dream and thousands of people are now working remotely from their homes and never going into the office. The Visa package will also mean that the worker can bring their families on the same Visa.

The Palma city council is moving quickly to cash in on this lucrative market and will be promoting the Playa de Palma as a centre for remote working.

The island is well prepared to cope with an influx of foreign workers with a large number of internationl schools, a more relaxedway of life and a first rate medical system.

The large number of international flights through Palma airport also make Mallorca a fantastic proposition,