More than half of shops have automatic doors. | Jaume Morey

On Friday, a national energy-saving regulation requiring shops to install automatic doors came into force. In the Balearics, however, many businesses have not been able to meet the deadline. This is because suppliers have been overwhelmed by the demand and have in any event been experiencing some shortage of materials.

The regional government's trade directorate is aware of the situation and will be allowing businesses extra time. The government says that the regulation is "flexible and common sense".

The president of the Pimeco retailers association, Toni Fuster, acknowledges that "it has been impossible for us to adapt in time". "Many businesses who had the budget for the work have been told that they will have to wait until November for the installation." The cost varies from between 1,500 and 5,000 euros and also depends on whether automatic doors are installed or air curtains. In the case of the latter, these must have energy efficiency certificates to comply with the law.

The employers say that more than half of businesses have either been able to meet the deadline or already had automatic doors.