Police had to intervene again on Monday morning. | MDB

Continued pressure by National and Palma Police has led to the vast majority of squatters at a former bank branch leaving. This is the branch by the Palma force's headquarters on Avda. Sant Ferran, where police have been carrying out searches on a regular basis.

Most of those who have left are drug dealers or thieves. 'Customers' are no longer going to the squat as they are aware that they are also under surveillance. For now, a small number of squatters remain; in the early hours of Monday, police had to deal with a fight.

Residents say: "We have won a battle, but not the war." An end is in sight, however. A police report has been sent to the courts for an eviction order on the grounds of public safety and public order.

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Among them, the squatters are said to have amassed over forty criminal offences. While most have gone from this bank branch, there are other premises in the city that have been closed.