The tram project has been on the table for years.

In Palma on Monday, Prime Minister Sánchez announced a Spanish government commitment to include 20 million euros in the 2023 budget to finance work on the first section of the tram project from the centre of Palma to Son Sant Joan Airport.

This will be initial investment from a total of 185 million euros, agreement for which has still yet to be formally signed. However, the Balearic finance minister, Rosario Sánchez, stressed on Monday that "agreement with the state" will reflect contributions for the purpose of fulfilling the project.

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The fact is that Madrid is continuing to negotiate for the 185 million euros to come from EU Next Generation funds. This is not looked upon as potentially problematic, the regional minister for mobility, Josep Marí, pointing out that the EU has included the tram scheme as one of its strategic financing projects. He admitted, though, that no agreement or indeed amount has been finalised. The Spanish government has not clarified how negotiations with Brussels are going.

The Balearic government is meanwhile continuing with the procedures for sections of the tram to Playa de Palma and Son Espases Hospital, the government having made declarations of regional interest for the whole tram project. This means that there can be an acceleration in the bureaucratic process.

The target date for the tram to be operational, the Palma centre to airport section at any rate, is some time in 2026.