Jero Mayans, president of one of two residents' federations in Palma. | Pilar Pellicer

Jero Mayans is the newly elected president of the Federació de Veïnats de sa Ciutat de Palma. This is one of two federations of residents associations in Palma, and Mayans says that the town hall discriminates against it in favour of the other federation (Federació d'Associacions de Veïns de Palma), which is "on the side of the politicians".

"I am convinced that the problems we have had with subsidies are due to a political decision, and the other federation is the only one that receives money. We have applied for aid twice and have not received any. Councillor Alberto Jarabo told me that he believes that there should only be one federation, which is not ours. When he is governing in a pact with I don't know how many parties ... ."

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Of issues in the city, she highlights a lack of cleanliness in almost all of Palma. "The town hall doesn't get it all wrong. There are uncivilised people, and you can't have an Emaya operator behind every citizen who dumps rubbish even when the containers are empty. We need more resources but also more public awareness."

Noise and anti-social behaviour in Santa Catalina were a feature of the summer. Mayans believes that nightlife there is "totally out of control". "There have always been problems with nightlife in Palma. La Lonja was a disaster and so was Gomila. We all have our rights, and what is wrong are the regulations, as these don't protect residents at all."

As to the town hall's new sustainable mobility plan for the city, she doesn't agree with this. "All these accessibility policies are impossible for older people. It is a plan designed for athletic citizens. The town hall must make policies for everyone."