Advert for the cabin. | Airbnb

On Airbnb, a wooden cabin replete with hydromassage and barbecue in private forest in Pollensa is being offered for 144 euros per night. This is a cabin on land that has maximum environmental protection and where housing is not allowed. It is completely illegal both as a building and as a holiday rental.

Pollensa's deputy mayor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre, says that the town hall started investigations a few weeks ago to locate the cabin. "Indications in the ad made us think that it was located in the Vall d'en March, a property that had recently been sold and had already given us problems because the new owner wanted to close the public road that passes through the property. In addition, he had made an illegal enclosure."

The matter has been referred to the Council of Mallorca's ADT agency for defence of territory, which looks into suspected building infractions on rustic and protected land. The Council of Mallorca's tourism department has also been notified, "as it is being rented out illegally as a vacation home".

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The advert does at least warn about the risk of fire and animals having protected status. But Cifre adds that a few days ago a fire had been lit on the property. "There is no consideration." "The new owner is clearly problematic. We suspected that there might be something like this when he closed off the property, and the advert confirmed these suspicions."