Nine small boats were intercepted in 24 hours in the Balearics. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Nine small boats carrying illegal immigrants from North Africa have been intercepted off the Balearics by the authorities in the last 24 hours, with a total of 151 people on board, according to the calculation of the Central Government Delegation in Palma, after adding three more immigrants who were caught on land, from the small boat that arrived at Cala Egos on Wednesday.

The Guardia Civil and Maritime Rescue saved 22 people of sub-Saharan origin shortly before midnight in a boat located at sea, 2.2 miles south of the island of Cabrera, the ninth boat to have reached the Balearics in a single day.
They were intercepted in apparent good health at around 23.38.

With this latest boat, 9 small vessels carrying 151 migrants in total arrived throughout the day on Wednesday.

The first one was located on land with 8 migrants in Cala Egos (Santanyí) at 1:16 of which 3 more occupants were later found, the last one was spotted at 23:38 hours in the waters of Cabrera with 22 people on board.

With these last nine boats, so far this year 104 small boats with 1,513 people on board have been detected off the Balearic coast.

In 2021, 164 boats with 2,402 migrants on board were detected on their arrival in the region.