Huge problems of overcrowding in the Balearics this summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearics continued to break Human Pressure records this summer.
Last July marked the second highest month ever with 2,019,141 people in one day in the Balearics, including residents and tourists, according to the data of the Human Pressure Index (HPI) published by the Balearic Statistics Institute (Ibestat).

The maximum was reached on July 30. The minimum, which is the highest ever for a month of July, was 1,842,986 people on the July 1.

The highest number of people in the Balearics during the month of July was recorded in 2017, when it reached 2,025,622 people on a single day.
On August 31 of the same year a record of 2,071,124 people was reported

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But during the whole of this July, the human pressure was around two million people every day, almost doubling the Balearic population of 1.2 million.

The rate of growth of the HPI in the Balearics has been accelerating over the past few decades by the increase in the number of residents, tourists and other floating populations (seasonal workers, etc.).

In the last 20 years, specifically, human pressure has increased by almost a third: the maximum in July 2002 was 1,519,977 people, almost 33% less than the figures recorded this year in the same month.

The Ibestat data confirms the feeling of overcrowding that has been constant throughout the summer across the Balearics, with crowded beaches and a massive strain on public services which many councils, sectors of the general public and environmentalists have complained about.