Drugs, cash and waepons were seized in Palma today. | A Sepulveda

The National Police, with the collaboration of Palma Local Police, have arrested seven people in the Foners neighbourhood, all of them Spanish and aged between 21 and 47, accused of drug trafficking.

The agents seized 800 grams of hashish, a kilo and a half of marijuana ready for sale and weapons.
Foners is not unfamiliar territory for the National Police’s Narcotics Group II.
A similar raid was carried out in the area last year.

Now, after receiving complaints from the neighbours about the people acting suspiciously and in some cases taking drugs on the street, they have once again carried out an operation in the neighbourhood.

According to police sources, several national police officers have been operating for several days in the area and were able to confirm the sale of marijuana and hashish.

They also found that the network that moved the drugs was well organised. Some of them were acting as spotters to warn if the police came, while others supplied the drugs at two points of sale.
Police surveillance also managed to discover which was the flat used by the suspects to store the drugs.

A Palma court authorised the operation and more than 30 agents were deployed in the neighbourhood and simultaneously stormed three houses.

In the searches it was found that the gang had established two very active sales points for hashish and marijuana and that they were supplied from the safe house.

A marijuana production, processing and dosing centre and 1,500 grams ready for sale were found in the houses.
In addition, more than 800 grams of hashish were seized, divided into 100-gram plates with their own anagrams.
Also seized were more than a thousand euros, weapons and precision scales.