The drones being used to combat mosquitoes in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Palma City Council will use drones to control the mosquito population, especially in areas that are difficult to access, and will strengthen the advisory service for individuals who suffer an invasion and these improvements will be included in the new pest prevention contract according to the councillor for Health and Consumer Affairs, Elena Navarro.

According to Navarro, the new contract will cost 662,277 euros per year, which represents an increase of 20 percent over the current contract, and its duration will be for three years, extendable for a further two years if the parties so decide.

The increase in the budget will make it possible to focus on innovation, which will be one of the parameters that will be taken into account when assessing the bids.

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In the case of drones, there is a commitment to their use as they allow fumigation in areas of difficult access at a cheaper price and in a more effective way than with a helicopter, which is how it has been done until now. The councillor pointed out that a day’s hire of the helicopter costs around 22,000 euros, while a drone costs 2,400 euros and “is more manageable”.

The budget increase will also allow the current staff to be increased, salaries to be adapted and a prevention team of 17 people to be set up, two of whom will be dedicated exclusively to helping citizens who have pests on their properties.

The councillor pointed out that the council cannot intervene in private spaces, but it can “advise and even supervise the elimination of pests and, in this way, accompany citizens in the process, even, if necessary, by visiting the site”.