The National Police arrested the two men (Archive image). | Ramirez

The National Police have arrested two men, ages 23 and 38, and charged them with sexual assault for the alleged rape of a female colleague.

What is described as a well-known chain of restaurants based in Palma held a company dinner on October 3. The entire workforce was invited. The party lasted until around 4am, which was when the two men said that they were too drunk to drive. They were invited to stay with a colleague - a female colleague.

She has told police that she doesn't recall events on the way from the party too well as she had also been drinking. But it would seem that the three shared a double bed and that one of the men woke up and proceeded to have full intercourse with her against her consent. He told his friend to join in, which he apparently did.

The woman filed a complaint. One of the two sent a text message to another friend, acknowledging the facts and asking to stick to a version in order to avoid "greater harm".

The two appeared in court and were released on charges.