The National Police arrested the two in the early hours of Thursday morning. | Miquel À. Cañellas

On Thursday morning, the National Police arrested two 18-year-olds after they had attacked residents in the Son Ferriol district of Palma.

Shortly after midnight, a group of youths were smashing vehicles and committing other acts of vandalism. Various residents shouted at them from balconies, and one, whose car had been vandalised, went out and confronted them. One of the two arrested beat him up and left him seriously injured. His wife was also attacked and had wounds to her face. Other residents who came to their assistance were also attacked. One had his head violently struck on the ground. In another incident, a couple were attacked on their terrace.

The National Police arrested the two main aggressors, both Spanish. They told police that they had been walking down the street and that, out of the blue, residents had come at them with sticks. They had been defending themselves.