The Mallorca-based planes said to have been ready to fly refugees from the UK to Rwanda. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

This morning, British and Spanish activists will travel to the offices of private Spanish airline Privilege Style in Mallorca to present them with a ‘worst airline of the year award’, in protest at the airline’s involvement in the UK government’s plan to deport refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda, including survivors of torture.

The stunt, organised by the charity Freedom from Torture, will see activists attempt to deliver a trophy shaped like a plane crash-landing in a pile of feces to Privilege Style’s Mallorca office.

Privilege Style is a private airline which operates charter flights on behalf of other airlines, tour operators, sports teams and other VIP customers.

According to the airline, its VIP customers include several Spanish companies and top Spanish football clubs, including Real Madrid, Barcelona and the Spanish national team. The airline has become known as the UK government’s ‘airline of last resort’ for their willingness to conduct deportation flights that other airlines refuse.

Agustina Oliveri, Senior Digital Campaigns Officer at Freedom from Torture, said: “Airlines are meant to bring people together, but Privilege Style’s role in the UK government’s cruel Rwanda plan will ruin lives and tear families apart. That’s why every airline except Privilege Style has ruled themselves out of this ‘cash-for-humans’ scheme.

“We’re here on behalf of tens of thousands of caring people across Europe to let Privilege Style know that we won’t stand by as they profit from the pain of refugees. We hope that this award will encourage them to stop flying in the face of human decency by terminating their contract with the UK government.”

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In June, Privilege Style’s first flight carrying refugees to Rwanda was grounded by a last-minute ruling from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Shortly before the ECHR decision, torture survivor Kolbassia Haoussou was ejected from Privilege Style’s Mallorca headquarters after confronting the airline over their involvement in the scheme.

The airline also received over 10,000 emails from members of the public calling on them to cut ties with the UK government.

Kolbassia Haoussou, Director of Survivor Empowerment at Freedom from Torture, said: “When I fled torture and persecution in Central Africa, I was granted to sanctuary in Europe and was able to rebuild my life. I am appalled that an airline that counts cultural icons like Real Madrid and Barcelona among its clients is profiting by denying people like me safety and protection.

“All companies have a duty to ensure their business practices do not violate human rights. We are calling on all of Privilege Style’s customers to boycott the airline until they end their involvement in the UK’s inhumane ‘cash-for-humans’ scheme.”

Last month, a detailed clinical review by the charity Medical Justice has found that many asylum seekers threatened with removal to Rwanda may have been tortured or trafficked into the UK.

The charity was joined by the British Medical Association, Freedom from Torture, and other medical charities in calling on the Prime Minister to abandon the Rwanda policy.