51% have a concern about tourist overcrowding on the streets of Palma. | Archive

A survey of overcrowding in the summer by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies reveals that excessive numbers of cars is the public's main concern. This refers specifically to vehicles in urban areas as opposed to main roads. For the Balearics as a whole, 56% say that this is the biggest problem, while in Mallorca's 'part forana' (everywhere but Palma), 55% identify this. In Palma, the percentage drops to 43%.

This concern isn't mirrored by car parking, for which the percentages are 45% (Balearics), 37% (Mallorca) and 36% (Palma). Parking is third for the whole of the Balearics, with tourist overcrowding on the streets second. This is felt by 52% in Mallorca and for the Balearics and 51% in Palma. When it comes to the main roads, there is a higher concern about too many cars in Mallorca (46%) than the Balearics average of 43%.

Survey results of overcrowding in the Balearics

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