Some of the bills that were dumped. | Teresa Ayuga

The National Police have opened an investigation into the dumping of thousands of bills and notifications in parts of Palma, such as the Can Barbara torrent. Officers are looking into an offence in respect of the custody of documents. If a crime has been committed, it is severely punishable under law.

The thousands of letters thrown away by delivery personnel contain sensitive information. This relates to debts, taxes and bills, and there are names addresses and post codes, all of which point to a clear case of the revealing of secret information. The investigators will be interviewing employees of the delivery company and its managers.

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The same company was placed under investigation in February this year for falsification of the delivery of fines. Four workers and a manager from the company, which delivers Palma town hall traffic fines, were arrested on charges of falsifying 23 signatures as if they had delivered notifications.