Overcrowding was a problem this summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Council of Mallorca has today announced its intention to modify both the total number of hotel beds and how they are marketed.

The plan now sets a cap of 430,000 tourist beds across the island, but the new tourism law approved in May by the Balearic Government requires the number of beds to be reduced over a maximum period of four years.

The president of the Council of Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, said today: “We want tourism of greater value and less volume and the new tourism law marks the roadmap with the moratorium and the blocking of new beds”, she said and admitted that after the economic recovery after the pandemic “the recurring debate about overcrowding is back”.

“I won’t deny it, there has been overcrowding this summer. However, only in some places and at certain times”, Cladera said.

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The president also announced that the number of tourism inspectors will be increased, adding five workers to the 15 that the Council has after the transfer of tourism management powers from the Government in January.