The old bank branch in Plaça Madrid. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Various neighbourhoods in Palma are now affected by a wave of squatting in old bank branches. Palma police say that over the past few days squatters have moved in to branches on C. Dragonera and in Plaça Fortí.

In Plaça Madrid, some women have taken over the old bank premises and brought with them large and noisy dogs. Residents' complaints have not been long in coming. There is great concern that the highly publicised situation with a bank branch by police headquarters on Avda. Sant Ferrán is being repeated.

When police went to the squat on C. Dragonera, the squatters maintained that they had been there for more than 48 hours and were "installed". Officers were shown furniture, and it appeared as if there were children residing there. In Plaça Madrid it was a similar story.

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However, there is conflict with residents, while the crime rate in the Ponent district of the city is "multiplying". The vast majority of squatters are said to be criminals with police records and some of them are violent.