New airport traffic lane opens next month. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Drivers who are not authorised to drive in the lane for buses and High Occupancy Vehicles (known as bus-VAO) between the airport exit and the Palacio de Congresos convention centre, which will open on November 2, may be fined up to 200 euros.

If the fine is paid quickly, it will be reduced to 100 euros and in no case will points be deducted, according to Francisca Ramis, the head of the Balearic Traffic Department.

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“If you are not sure whether or not you can use the lane, it is better to drive in the other lanes until it is clear,” Ramis recommended and said that people can check by visiting
Controls will be strict and the traffic department has cameras with very good resolution capable of seeing whether or not a person is driving alone, even with tinted rear windows.

The use of the special lane will be forbidden to drivers travelling alone and to those driving vehicles weighing more than 3,500 kilos, with the exception of buses.

Therefore, only vehicles with two or more occupants or with a V-15 disability sign, private and public buses, taxis and car-sharing vehicles, motorbikes and emergency and security transport, such as fire engines and ambulances, will be able to use the new lane.