Pigs, respect, portable toilet - the words daubed outside the club. | Associació Barri Cívic Santa Catalina

On Monday morning, there was graffiti on the wall of the Sala Luna club in Plaça Vapor, which is in Palma's Es Jonquet neighbourhood. "Pigs", "respect" and "portable toilet" were the words daubed on the wall.

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The Santa Catalina residents association says that it understands the anger but doesn't support the type of protest. It believes that the graffiti wasn't the work of a member - "it must be someone who lives in Es Jonquet" - adding that the solution is not a portable toilet. People relieving themselves in the street, the association argues, is because of the number of bathrooms that the club has for the number of clubgoers, which it claims is above the permitted capacity. "We do not think that a portable toilet in the square would be appropriate."

Over recent months, residents have been complaining about anti-social behaviour linked to nightlife in Es Jonquet and in Plaça Vapor in particular, where "hundreds of people gather at night". "There are areas where many go to urinate and the whole neighbourhood smells of pee," says the association. "There are residents who take out a hose or throw buckets of water when they get up in the morning because of the urine. It's not pleasant to go out there."