Palma shipyards feel they are being squeezed out. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Mallorcan nautical sector which is part of the small business association PIMEM is planning a demonstration in protest against the latest decisions taken by the state port authority which directly affects the survival of the nautical industry in Mallorca.

The nautical sector wants to be able expand the shipyards to meet demand, but it appears that the port authority is refusing to grant permission.

This demonstration is due to take place tomorrow, Wednesday, when the Port Authority meets in Palma and where the decision must be taken whether or not to grant the space in question.

PIMEM-ADNEA says that the decision to give the green light for more space was taken off the agenda at the last meeting and no explanation was given.

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The Balearic nautical industrial sector has shown its concern about the uncertainty generated around the workspaces, especially in the STP shipyard.

PIMEM-ADENA says that the lack of agreement between the various administrative bodies on the expansion of the space used for the repair and maintenance of boats has been going on for the past two years and the indecision has led to the diversion of ships to other destinations, causing a great loss of work and income to the sector.

PIMEM-ADNEA regrets that, despite being the second largest industry in the Balearics, its needs are being ignored.

Uncertainty, according to PIMEM-ADNEA, is seriously eroding its global image. The sector claims that after years of work, effort and investment, they are being seriously affected by the lack of institutional agreement, causing staff adjustments and company closures.