Be ready for the test alert on November 2. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Balearic mobile phones are now ready to receive the new emergency or imminent disaster alert that the Ministry of Interior will test on November 2 in the region.
Users can now activate or deactivate the new ES-Alert system, also known as reverse 112, via their mobile phone settings.

In July, Apple made the change to mobile phones registered in Spain, with version iOs 15.7 and later; and in August, Google did the same with Android phones, with version 11 and higher.

This technology, which copies models implemented in Japan when earthquakes occur, is integrated into the National Alert Network and allows Civil Protection authorities to send generalised and immediate alert messages to mobile phones in an area affected by an emergency or catastrophe.

If you have the alert system activated on your mobile device, it is possible that on November 2 your phone will start to emit a high-pitched beep and vibrate.

A test message will appear on the screen to clarify that this is a test and not a real risk, but until the user confirms that they have read the warning, the message will not disappear and the beeping will continue.

Each mobile phone has a different option to activate or deactivate the possibility of receiving these alerts.

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The recommendation is to have it activated as it can be vital in the event of a serious emergency.