A protest was held when the council met earlier this month. | Lola Olmo

The CCOO union has called a new indefinite strike by waste collection and street cleaning workers in Alcudia. Scheduled to start on November 7, it is in response to what the union says is town hall non-compliance with agreements of July 15. These agreements ended a strike that had lasted a week and which had resulted in huge piles of uncollected rubbish at the height of the tourism season and when temperatures were well into the thirties.

Union spokesperson, Miguel Ángel Pardo, maintains that the main demands of the workers remain the same. At the council meeting on October 6, he says, the new list of street cleaning and waste collection services were not included on the agenda and could not therefore be added to the recently signed regional agreement.

The union also claims that specifications for vehicles have not been approved and that an audit report on the condition of the vehicles has not been delivered. Given this situation, the union states that "if no one solves the problem, the streets of Alcudia will once again be full of rubbish, starting from November 7".

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The dispute isn't directly with the town hall but with the company that holds the contract for waste collection and street cleaning, Lumsa.