Latest reports say that 154 people lost their lives. | Jeon Heon-Kyun

Xavier Bush from Santanyi has been working at Samsung in Seoul since August. He was in the Itaewon district on Saturday night, where the crush, according to latest reports, left 154 people dead.

He explains that he was in a bar with a friend. When he left, it took him ten minutes to walk ten metres. At that time, people were gathering on the street where the tragedy occurred, but "I never imagined this would happen".

He went to a venue where a half-hour show was being staged. When he left, or attempted to leave, he was greeted with "a scene from a horror movie". "We saw people carrying each other and many others lying on the ground with their eyes and mouths open. Suddenly, in just a few minutes, the street was filling with inert bodies. We saw 20 or 30 bodies, but we knew there were many more.

"It's the party area around here. There are many places. It had been three years since Halloween could be celebrated and many people had gathered. It's unbelievable to think that such a tragedy could have happened."