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The Balearic government's 2023 budget, which will be approved, subject to any parliamentary amendment, in December, contains an item of getting on for 100 million euros for the programme to "redefine the islands' tourism model" (94.8 million to be precise).

What does this mean? While it hasn't been defined as such, this spending will be for policies contained in the recent law for tourism circularity and sustainability, so the bulk of it is expected to be for funding initiatives that include replacing hotel beds with elevatable beds.

The total budget for 2023 will be 7,113 million euros, an increase of 11.5% and which includes around 1,600 million for 'financial spending' - payment of debt.

The largest single item of spending - 2,193 million euros - will be for the health service. Education is the second highest with 1,140 million.

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President Armengol will not be receiving a pay rise and nor will government ministers. Her gross salary remains 73,311 euros, while ministers get 64,402 euros. The highest earners among senior officials are paid more than the president. Topping the list, both with 99,853 euros, are the director of the anti-corruption office and the head of the accounts committee.