Waiting for taxis at the Dique de Oeste on Thursday. | Pere Bota

Over the summer, there were numerous complaints about a shortage of taxis in Palma, and the same problems could apply over the winter. The taxis association which is part of the CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations is warning that, "at specific times", the service could collapse because of the schedules that Palma town hall has approved for the winter.

The mobility department issued these schedules on October 27. They run from November 1 to the end of February, but the association's president, Antoni Bauzá, is highly critical of them. What they entail, he explains, is that only 40% of taxis will be available at any given time (there are 1,240 in all), and these will not be sufficient to meet demand. "We are repeating the same mistakes of the past and which have caused the images of queues that we saw this summer."

Bauzá points out that the hoteliers have been talking about occupancy levels of up to 80%."They have said that this year's low season will be very good and that they expect very high occupancy levels." On Tuesday and Thursday this week, when several cruise ships arrived at the port in the morning, "queues of tourists could be seen waiting for a taxi".

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The mobility councillor, Francesc Dalmau, has defended the taxi hours for the winter. "They are the fairest and most equitable for the sector."